Think You Know How Divorce Works? Think Again.

Most people either know someone who has gone through divorce, or have gone through divorce themselves. Anecdotal horror stories, popular TV shows and the many articles you can find online about the divorce process can make you feel like you know what will happen.

However, when getting divorced, there are no guarantees, which make it imperative to work with an experienced lawyer. Your attorney can tell you what's fact and what's fiction, which laws apply to your situation and how best to protect your interests given the unique facts of your case.

At The Becker Law Office, LLC, this kind of straightforward representation is what I strive for in every case. I know that the decisions you make today will have a significant impact on your future. I want to make sure you understand all of the variables involved so you can weigh your options carefully. I offer my insight and experience of over 28 years to help you choose the most appropriate path forward.

Focused On Protecting Your Interests

Whether you have been married for one year or 20, I seek to help you exit the marriage with your rights and dignity intact. Together, we will work through issues such as:

  • The division of marital assets like the home, financial accounts and retirement accounts
  • Complex property divisions requiring property or business valuation
  • The division of marital debt
  • The need for spousal support/alimony
  • Property division subject to prenuptial agreements
  • Child custody and support, if you have kids

In some cases, spouses can work out these issues together through negotiation with their counsel or in mediation. As a mediator, I offer services as a neutral to help both sides come to a mutually acceptable agreement.

In other cases, nothing less than a court hearing will do. I'm equally adept at representing your interests in trial should it come to that.

It Starts With A Phone Call

Getting started on your divorce doesn't need to be difficult, though the process may take some time. Contact my firm in Overland Park by calling 913-871-0357 for answers to your questions and sound guidance throughout the divorce process. I represent men and women throughout the Kansas City metro area.